Meet The Guys!


The resident comic book veteran.

Billy has been reading comics since he was about eight years old, and it has been a big part of his life ever since. He's written them, he's drawn them, and once he even inked a few pages. It's a craft that he has spent some time with over the years.


The noob of many names.

Dan started reading comics when we came up with the idea for this podcast. He claims to be an "under cover" nerd, but his knowledge of the comic book realm is limited, so he typically has plenty of questions that need answers.

A Comic Readthrough Podcast

This is the story of two guys. One a comic book veteran, the other a total noob. This is also the story of a massively popular comic book franchise during its hay day. The peak of its popularity. The pinnacle of its history. At least in terms of sales, that is.

At its core, Billy and Dan Read Comics is a podcast about two buds reading comics, so the name's a pretty dead give away. And we are starting things off with a bang in terms of both popularity and scope of content. Join us every week as we dive into the wildly popular era of the X-Men franchise, the 1990's! Beginning in the closing months of 1991 and reaching all the way to the summer time of 2004, we are reading it all. Uncanny X-Men? Check! Adjective-less X-Men? Check! X-Force? X-Factor? Wolverine? Check, check, and major double x-tra CHECK, BUB! Hell, we're even giving Excalibur a go!

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Enjoy the show!                                                                                                                                                                                           

Billy & Dan

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