Squeaking Dog Productions is here to entertain you. How do we entertain you? Through podcasts, for the most part. We are a collection of friends just trying to share our interests and our thoughts with our listeners and hopefully make a few new friends along the way. So please, give us a listen and reach out to us.

Here is our current listing of shows, but there are big plans for some future projects so stay tuned!

Quest X Quest

Join these boys every Wednesday for a quest like no other.  Helping the weak, defeating the baddies and unleasing the unholy terror onto the world!  We do it all and so much more.  Bringing bad decisions to life!

Billy & Dan Read Comics

Every Thursday two buds, one a comic book veteran and the other a total noob, recount the story of a selection of comics and give their thoughts and opinions on what they have read. Their current undertaking? The X-Men franchise of the 1990's!

The Comic Squeak

Want hot takes on the latest comic book releases from one half of the Billy & Dan team? Well this comic review blog just might be up your alley. Join Billy as he opines about whatever new comics caught his eye and he decides whether or not it's a book worth following.

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